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Trademark Infringement – Cease and Desist

It has come to our attention that you are making unauthorized use of the trademark IFSM by International Fashion Supermodel/国际时尚超模 used as a webiste and on different promtional posters and online articles

Under federal registration laws, we are the owners of the trademark IFSM aka International Fashion Supermodel/国际时尚超模 currently with the United States Patent and Trademark Office under the following registration number: 5062677 Therefore we have the right, including but not limited to, restrict, prevent or limit the use of our trademark in order to protect it against any misrepresentation.

We hereby demand that you immediately cease and desist in any additional use of our trademark that will likely cause misrepresentation in relation with distribution, advertising, identification, and sales of our products or services.

If you fail to comply with the aforementioned demand(s) within 10 days we will have no choice but to pursue all legal causes of action, including the filing of a lawsuit to protect our interests. We remind you that this letter serves as a pre-suit notice for a lawsuit against you and failing to correct will likely make you liable for any damages the court determines we have suffered as a result of your infringement.

It is in our best interests to have this issue amicably settled in an effort to avoid further legal remedies as provided by State and Federal laws.



International Fashion Supermodel Committee

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