Seeking Area Director and Contest Organizer

We are seeking professional, excited, community-minded people who are interested in starting a local Int’l Fashion SuperModel (IFSM) contest in their area. The IFSM has a rich history of empowering young men,women and kids to achieve their dreams and goals. These are expressed to Fashion world audiences not only the evening of the annual Int’l Fashion SuperModel contest but also to the public at large during the ensuing year.

It’s an exciting time when the young men, woman and kids who represents their local title moves to the next level and competes for the title of IFSM And who knows? Maybe even the become next top Fashion Model!

As a local IFSM contest organizier /area director you will be instrumental in giving young women the opportunity to compete in your local contest. The winner will be committed to representing your community through their year of service and as they compete in the annual world finale in Int’l Fashion SuperModel Contest is more than just a title. Who reflects a tradition of style, in fashion, sophistication and service. It’s time for your town to have a representative!

For more information email us @ ifsmfashion@gmail.com and we will share with you the responsibilities of bringing a local model search in your area.

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2019 IFSM Fashion SuperModel Search

Order your Tickets Now,


Knotts Berry Farm Hotel Ballroom

Red Carpet   6:30pm

Reception      7:00pm

Show              8:00 pm  Dinner Served

IFSM Search

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Trademark Infringement – Cease and Desist

It has come to our attention that you are making unauthorized use of the trademark IFSM by International Fashion Supermodel/国际时尚超模 used as a webiste www.ifsm.me and on different promtional posters and online articles

Under federal registration laws, we are the owners of the trademark IFSM aka International Fashion Supermodel/国际时尚超模 currently with the United States Patent and Trademark Office under the following registration number: 5062677 Therefore we have the right, including but not limited to, restrict, prevent or limit the use of our trademark in order to protect it against any misrepresentation.

We hereby demand that you immediately cease and desist in any additional use of our trademark that will likely cause misrepresentation in relation with distribution, advertising, identification, and sales of our products or services.

If you fail to comply with the aforementioned demand(s) within 10 days we will have no choice but to pursue all legal causes of action, including the filing of a lawsuit to protect our interests. We remind you that this letter serves as a pre-suit notice for a lawsuit against you and failing to correct will likely make you liable for any damages the court determines we have suffered as a result of your infringement.

It is in our best interests to have this issue amicably settled in an effort to avoid further legal remedies as provided by State and Federal laws.



International Fashion Supermodel Committee

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IFSM Fashion New Star Young Model Sarah X.

Young Model Sarah X. Walked for IFSM Fashion Runway in her first show during Los Angeles Fashion Week

The 12-year-old Sarah Xu hit the LA Fashion Runway — running last March for her first major fashion week since being signed to IFSM Fashion in Febuary 2019. Originally from Shengyang,China, she knew she had to find a way to get to the fashion entertainment capital in order to be discovered, so she moved to Los Angeles with her parents. She was signed the same day. One look at the amazing fresh innocent look beauty, of course, and you’ll understand why.

Sarah X. has seen her modelling career go from strength to strength after her 12 birthday. She made her catwalk debut in last March 2019.

Sarah’s first major runway show could not have been more appropriate given her current base in Los Angeles. She walked for two of the LA’s known designers: Queenie Yomokogi & Duchante Kids who showed in IFSM Fashion Fashion WeekLa.

Not bad for a first timer. And a real up & comer youth from Los Angeles When she isn’t modeling and running around to castings, Sarah X is catching up on school work and, In 2019 Sarah X. get nominated as Regional Committee member for International Fashion SuperModel .In the same year she walked for the most iconic fashion designer Queenie Yumokogi and also won the the best top 5 Young Model from IFSM Fashion WeekLa and that will spanning well into the foreseeable future. Other Fashion runway projects also will well expand across a variety of different country around the world, including USA , Hong Kong and China .

Sarah X. will be counted on to be a main-stay in the industry, busily maintaining the integrity of the fashion entertainment industry for years to come.

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2019 IFSM Int’l Fashion Supermodel Goodwill Ambassador: Johnny Brink

While the Int’l Fashion Supermodel Goodwill Ambassador you see in our ad campaigns and runway shows come from all corners of the globe, were discovered as young women & mens growing up in relatively small towns, and in the past fews years, Apple Jia, Angekica K., Queenie Yomokogi and Jin Ye although they’ve reached the pinnacle of industry success in the fashion world,

If you’re wondering who the next goodwill ambassador for the IFSM fashion supermodel , major fashion brands might be, look no further than these girls.

Goodwill Ambassador of IFSM Int’l Fashion Supermodel world finale and spokeperson for fashion brand Queenie Yumokogi will rock the fashion runway in 2019

This 27-year-old California Boy began his career with Fashion WeekLA— has already scored some very prestigious gigs, including Host in Fashion WeekLA spring 2019 show, special guest appearance in Beijing,China for 2019 IFSM Fashion New Star and runway bookings for the likes of Courtney Allegra, Duchente, Queenie Yumokogi, Cyna Z. Johnny Brink 6’8” a Blizzard volleyball player for National Volleyball Association , has that amazing athletic build body type, appeal that’s so popular these days, so it’s not too surprising that designers are smitten with him.

Johnny Brink is now a regular as still model for many fashion brands he’s proven to be incredibly versatile, which is a great indicator that he’s in for a promising career in modeling beside as a athletic

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