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International Fashion SuperModel Launch The 2022 Live Up To Your Dreams Contest

Leading annual fashion event, International Fashion SuperModel (IFSM), launches the 2022 edition of their contest themed Live Up To Your Dreams to promote budding models and fashion brands across the globe

The International Fashion SuperModel (IFSM) has grown to become a much-anticipated and one of the most innovative fashion models contests in the world for the past 14 years. The event offers a cross over platform between US and Asia for the textile and fashion industry to improve comprehension and promote the communication and cooperation within the fashion world. In a related development, the International Fashion SuperModel Committee, supported by IFSM Fashion Week LA, created a magnificent annual cultural event in promotion of US-Asia culture exchange.

The initiative was in session in full force in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Boston, Las Vegas, New York and Asia Pacific simultaneously and in 2008 proudly presented the first IFSM Contest, a competition designed to give aspiring models the opportunity to be a part of the international fashion modeling industry. It has been an amazing ride in the past 14 years, providing aspiring thousands of models around the globe exposure to the international fashion scene and opportunities to compete in one of the US-Asia Pacific modeling competitions.

From 2008 to 2021, the IFSM (International Fashion Supermodel) contest has featured more than a hundred finalist contestants from the USA and Asia Pacific. The extravaganza captured an audience of millions of viewers from east to west and has been covered by 100 television stations/radios and hundreds of media publications.

The International Fashion Supermodel created three more fashion contest categories in 2021, including IFSM Fashion Lady, IFSM Fashion Empress, and IFSM Fashion New Star (Kids) launching the globe search audition process all around the world and encouraging interested participants to submit their application at IFSM models search and IFSM Grand Finale in December, Hollywood, Ca.

IFSM is in collaboration with IFSM Fashion TV, Jin Ye Studio, Fashion Chic, IFSM Dream Wear. Islive, Golden Film Award Committee and Sunrise Media Int’l. The competition seeks to create an international network of agencies and give models worldwide an opportunity to explore the Asia Pacific market and work with top talent management companies.

Organizers of the event have expressed their confidence that the contest will bring an exchange of perspectives and experience among fashion workers, fashion designers, actors actress and fashion models, making it a world-class event worthy of the highest esteem and the greatest anticipation and support.

For more information about and IFSM and the plethora of contests, visit – https://www.ifsmmodels.com/.

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Do Business with IFSM —Become our business Partner/Director

IFSM ( International Fashion Supermodel) is looking for Fashion Oriented Business Partners in all regions around the world to help promote IFSM and maintain relationships with local IFSM Partners.
The role of a IFSM Business Partner is primarily to build a pipeline and nurture relationships, through personal networking, sales meetings, workshops, and participation in industry events as exhibitors and/or speakers.

IFSM will provide all the back-office support for the sales effort, including co-branded marketing materials, website content, sales presentations, webinars, quote writing, CRM-system etc. IFSM can also participate in high-level sales meetings and do keynotes at national industry conferences.

We enter partnerships with organizations that are already IFSM Certified Partners, with a minimum of two IFSM Certified and Licensed employees.


  1. Localization Partners (translation)
  2. Affiliate Partners
  3. Business Partners
  4. Joint Venture Partners
  5. Event Partner

IFSM Localization Partner
IFSM Localization Partners help translate the IFSM Toolbox and Online Platform into a local language. In exchange, IFSM offer discounts on how to course and license fee in proportion with the amount of translation work. We currently have Localization Partners for the following languages: Thai ,Italian,
French, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil, Singapore, Chinese and Arabic. We are always looking for new partners —either in the mentioned or new languages. If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact our localization project manager on ifsmfashion@gmail.com

IFSM Affiliate Partners
IFSM Affiliate Partners get a one-time commission for making introductions to potential clients, without any fixed commitment to marketing activities. The commission ranges between 10-25% of the first year License Fee paid by new clients. There can be several Affiliate Partners in a country. We currently have Affiliate Partners in Canada and China

IFSM Business Partners
IFSM Business Partners commit to an agreed set of marketing activities and receive a recurring commission on the license income. The commission is 30% of the recurring license fee paid by local IFSM Certified Partners engaged by the Business Partner. There will usually only be one Business Partner in a country. We currently have IFSM Business Partners in China

IFSM Joint Venture Partners
IFSM Joint Venture Partners have joined as co-owners of a jointly owned incorporated company, which have the exclusive rights to sell IFSM Training and Licenses in the local market. The joint venture acquire a licensing Agreement with IFSM . We currently have a joint venture partner in China.

IFSM Certified Training Partner
IFSM Training Partners have received a special certification which allows for conducting local Modeling Courses on behalf of IFSM International, and make income from this activity. The Certified Training Partner get 80% of the training income. We currently have a Certified Training Partner in China (Beijing Sunrise).

If you are interested in more information about partnering with IFSM please contact Lousine K at ifsmfashion@gmail.com or schedule a call

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IFSM Int’l Fashion SuperModel Grand Finale Fashion Runway For 2021 Winter Collection

While COVID-19 has been messing around with the past year’s fashion week schedule, we have high hopes for 2021 . Despite that many fashion weeks will remain a combination of both physical and digital events, the show must go on. Expect an entirely different look on fashion, though, as many designers have taken the time to focus on what their label stands for – while preparing for a more sustainable future. Find out the fashion week schedules of 2021 below and keep an eye on this page for updates.

A fashion industry event in Los Angeles Ca. which allows veteran /emerging fashion designers, new brands, industry professionals or “up & comer ” to display their latest collections in runway shows and buyers and the media to take a look at the latest trends. Most importantly, these events let the industry know what’s “in” and what’s “out” for the season.

As one of the the premier redcarpet event during Summer season. which will be launch in December 14, 2021, which is one of the most comprehensive and the most influential cultural fashion event of the season.

An elegant live streaming opening reception ceremony is all about delivering the high quality live fashion show kicks off the event of runway shows emerging fashion designers, Fashion Award product launches, red carpet arrivals, gifting suites, performances, and designer showcases.

From 2008 , IFSM Int’l Fashion SuperModel has become an internationally recognized and respected fashion event. The fashion scene in Los Angeles has been transformed by our innovative shows and experiences major growth every season. IFSM Fashion embodies the diverse culture of LA and offers designers a world-class platform to showcase their collections.


Fashion stylist, celebrities, VIPs and media from the United States and around the world are set to watch IFSM Int’l Fashion SuperModel live streaming with potential thousand and thousand viewers around the world

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IFSM Int’l Fashion SuperModel Rock The Online Fashion WeekLA

2020 IFSM Online Fashion Show Autumn Collection

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2020 IFSM Fashion Models Casting Go live on Islive

Live up your dream! IFSM Int’l Fashion SuperModel make your dream come true

International Fashion Supermodel Contest (IFSM) & IFSM Fashion New Star offers a unique cross over platform for aspiring models in the fashion industry to compete and to expand their modeling career to promote their modeling skills and to cooperation with the fashion world,

A magnificent annual cultural event in promotion of multi faceted of cultural exchange around the globe and launching full force in Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Francisco , Boston, New York , Hong Kong, Macau and China simultaneously, In 2008 proudly presented the first IFSM Contest, a competition designed to give aspiring models the opportunity to be a part of the international fashion modeling industry. Within the last year’s fashion supermodel search which provided aspiring models exposure to the international fashion scene and opportunities to compete in one of the multi cultural modeling competitions .

From 2008 to 2019, IFSM featured more than hundreds of finalist contestants from over the world. The extravaganza captured an audience of over millions viewers from east to west and was covered by 9 television stations/radios and many media publications.

This year 2020, due to the pandemic covid19 to conduct IFSM supermodel search online, therefore IFSM is collaborated with Islive.us a live broadcast channel, to launch the globe supermodel search audition process online, all models around the globe encourage to submit their application at www.ifsmmodels.com and quialify candiates will able to interview by our committee judge teams online via live stresaming, and Sunrising (Beijin) Media ,Jin Ye Studio organize the IFSM Fashion New Star kids search starting in Beijing,China. The competition seeks to create an international network of agencies and gives models from around the world an opportunity to explore the Asia market and potential contract with Talent Management Company in LA, New York, Las Vegas,Macau, Hong Kong and China. And we confident that the event will bring an exchange of perspectives and experience among fashion workers, fashion designers, actors actress and fashion models, will make the International Fashion Supermodel a world-class event, worthy of the highest esteem and the greatest anticipation and support.

If you believe in yourself, you can achieve all you

goals and make your dreams come true…

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2020 IFSM aka 国际时尚超模/全球少儿时尚新星海选

2020 IFSM aka 国际时尚超模/全球少儿时尚新星 竞选正式启动,在全球展开海选。同时,IsLiveIFSM 成独家战略合作,成为本届IFSM竞选的独家线上网络赛区。

本届“IFSM /Fashion New Star”竞选将通过Islive线上网络海选选出30名网络XX ,参加全球总决赛。

据悉,本次IsliveIFSM深度合作将从9月开始,历时三个月,通过网络线上比赛的方式,每月选出10名、共计30名候选人进入“IFSM ·总决赛”,部分Islive用户还将担任2020IFSM 赛事Islive“出品人”,成为各区域总决赛的评委。

据悉,此次IFSM 的奖励十分丰厚,包括定制剧本、签约出演定制影视作品、担任IFSM 赛事形象大使、主流电视真人秀综艺节目定制出镜,以及线上综艺、培训、包装、出道一体化体系等。


作为“IFSM”主办方的 Hollywood Outreach,曾制作了《GFA》《IFSM Fashion Weekla》《IFSM Fashion New Star》等经典,更成功打造出了Jin Ye, Joyce Li 等极具知名度的超模影视明星。

此次IFSM赛事海选将覆盖香港,澳门, 新加波、马来西亚、印尼、日本、泰国、美国、加拿大等地 ,以及超过50个城市等地。

据介绍,本次合作将从9月开始,历时三个月,通过线上比赛的方式每月选出10名、共计30名候选人进入“IFSM 总决赛”,部分Islive用户还将担任2020IFSM 赛事Islive出品人,成为各区域总决赛的评委。

  届时,全部亚洲地区的重要城市,都将展开海选,并层层选拔进入到正赛。而此次IFSM 的奖励也前所未有的丰厚,其中包括定制剧本,签约出演定制影视作品、IFSM 赛事形象大使、国内主流电视真人秀综艺节目定制出镜、线上综艺、培训、包装、出道一体化体系等。





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Seeking Area Director and Contest Organizer

We are seeking professional, excited, community-minded people who are interested in starting a local Int’l Fashion SuperModel (IFSM) contest in their area. The IFSM has a rich history of empowering young men,women and kids to achieve their dreams and goals. These are expressed to Fashion world audiences not only the evening of the annual Int’l Fashion SuperModel contest but also to the public at large during the ensuing year.

It’s an exciting time when the young men, woman and kids who represents their local title moves to the next level and competes for the title of IFSM And who knows? Maybe even the become next top Fashion Model!

As a local IFSM contest organizier /area director you will be instrumental in giving young women the opportunity to compete in your local contest. The winner will be committed to representing your community through their year of service and as they compete in the annual world finale in Int’l Fashion SuperModel Contest is more than just a title. Who reflects a tradition of style, in fashion, sophistication and service. It’s time for your town to have a representative!

For more information email us @ ifsmfashion@gmail.com and we will share with you the responsibilities of bringing a local model search in your area.

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2019 IFSM Fashion SuperModel Search

Order your Tickets Now,


Knotts Berry Farm Hotel Ballroom

Red Carpet   6:30pm

Reception      7:00pm

Show              8:00 pm  Dinner Served

Special Guests & Judge Panel: Miss Universe Jinye, Miss Universe Joyce Li, Hollywood Actor Richard Hoyte , Actress Jane Wu, are among those said to have been invited, together with Co-Vice Chair of IFSM Committee Fei Fei Gao, Dr.Peter Ly & Jimmy Jiang President of HiFex.

IFSM Search

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